Hello everyone! This is an incredibly important announcement that will emit a strong emotional response from the community. Please take the time to read through the entire post to ensure you don’t miss any details.

We have spent immense time discussing & regarding this decision and truly believe the outcome will benefit the network in the long run. This has occured due to various reasons listed; A fresh start to initiate the new year - adapting to 1.13 To rebalance the economy. Opportunity to allow expansion for new things. We have not reset the world for 1 year, which has resulted in corrupted chunks, the world is currently 100gb which is causing major performance issues. Giving new players fresh areas (such as auto-generated villagers, temples & ocean monuments) to roam, explore, build and mine with the new 1.13 update.

There is many reasons why a reset is needed. The indisputable one is the limitations of Minecraft. After being on the current map for 1 year now, the time has come for a world reset on the Survival World, Our world is getting big and our plugins are stuffed to the brim. We have millions of pieces of data - far more than our plugins (and server) can put up with. The server simply will not be able to handle anymore very soon, as we have found various memory leaks regarding multiple plugins and plugin ‘ghosting’. (An example of this ghosting is the invisible mobs found randomly throughout the world).

But don't fret! This new world will be special, because we want to harness the creativity of our community to make the new world better than the current one. So don’t see this as losing something, see it as a possible blank canvas to start fresh!

Let us all get excited and work on the server together, I ask that you invite your friends as It is very hard on me to keep the server up. As I need to hire staff and help as Exzibit resigned. Thanks to all of his previous work.

Have fun! We don't know what the server will lead to yet but it will be interesting to watch. If you have any suggestions / bugs, please let us know!

[VIP] DSOfficial I am extremely disappointed in you. You disregarded the poll that YOU set up which was asking for a reset and who wanted...


AusNet Survival


AusNet survival utilizes the game founded mechanics originated from Vanilla, transferred to a new industry standpoint. Spicing it up with small twists, with our wide range of innovative plugins custom made just for AusNet. Spawn into a new widely customized terrain, where you can find up to 20 new areas that aren’t in Vanilla. New items, trees, food and blocks. Heard of Lucky Blocks? Well we have our own spin on it. Highlighting Slimefun to create a whole new aspect to the server where you can really establish a awestruct house by using all of our implemented elements.Here at AusNet Survival, we enjoy a grief-free, drama-free environment. Where all races, ages, genders, and identities are all welcomed. We employ only the most friendly, helpful and reliable staff members to guarantee a consistently pleasant server on which anyone can play on. So If you want a safe, friendly, supportive community, then look no further.


If you would like to get special perks and help out the server, Then donate! You will be able to do at least 2x more of the commands you can already do!, however this will not give any unfair advantage. Everything gained from donating is accessible in-game through ingame money. Our donation perks include, /feed, /feed, ingame money, /sethome, more claim blocks and 2 fantastic ranks.


Level up your character with the mcmmo plugin. You can do /mcmmo for help ingame!

Want to use your money for ingame perks? Use the /rankup command

Want to earn some money for doing everyday Minecraft stuff? Use the /jobs command!

Want to show your undying love for another player? Marry them using the /marry command!

Want to teleport to another player? /tpa <player>

Want to buy/sell items? /shop

Would like to remember where you home is? /sethome <name>


If you're worried that your house will be destroyed or raided, then don’t! As long as you have claimed the land around your home you’ll be fine, and even if you don’t if anything get destroyed then the staff will work hard to repair and punish who ruined your home. Worried about losing your items? Not an issue either with our keep inventory feature!


I know what you're thinking, this server sounds great! Although we do have to set some boundaries. In other words, rules. I know, I know, NOT RULES!!!! But the reason we have rules is so the server stays alive and doesn’t turn to dust. But don’t be worried, the rules aren’t that bad. When you get on the server do /rules to see what the rules are so you don’t break them. Although since we do give second chances you won’t get banned or kicked for breaking one, but just don’t let it happen a second time or we will have to enforce our rules.


So now that you’re at the end of the description we are gonna go head and give you the ip. We ready to be showered with welcomes from the staff and players. Come and join our community!

IP :



If you have any other enquiries, just give us a visit! Our staff and players are more than happy to answer any unanswered left by this description.

Rainbowrucus Panda you're awesome dude :p
Buckmaster17 Why cant I join the server rn?
That_ChilieCat when will the ranks and whatever be available ?
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