IGN: Noobly01

Timezone: AEDT (Australian Eastern Day Time)

Age: 16 almost 17 in july the 15th this year

Discord: BillNyeTheAussiePie #3551

Have you ever helped someone on AusNetMC? yes all the time cos that's what type of person i am i tend to ask as soon as i go on the server anyone needs help with anything

You aren’t on your computer when you’re a Helper but you see in the server chat that their is a player griefing online, what do you do?
tell a higher up cos if they're griefing and you tell them off well they probably not gonna listen to you so get a higher up and get them temp banned or get someone to look at it and if i can ill try to sus the damage

Describe your Minecraft journey so far. How did it start? What are the major milestones or turning points? How would you describe yourself at the moment? well i started as a noob as my name states i did a lot of asking cos i didn't know stuff cos it was my first sf server and i was like yes a aussie server i ended up doing a lot of time on the server and im currently doing a mesa biome village dome city alot of people also know me to this day

Why are you applying for Staff? What do you hope to achieve? What do you hope to experience? i hope to achieve to populate the staff team with more aussie staff i am aussie also i think they need more staff on the time im on and we need more prepared and action ready staff that under stand the community and have been there when we need them i also want to experience as a staff member in minecraft cos i have been staff for Garry mods and terraria

You are in a private call with an Admin, and that Admin starts drinking and becomes quite verbally toxic towards you, you overhear the Admin on the phone to a Owner and hears him accept an assignment to do on the server but you have observed that the Admin is intoxicated, what do you do? well i would get in touch with a higher staff member or (Owner) and tell him what hes influenced under i would go to the higher staff and say hes not fit for the job

Have you ever been banned on a Minecraft server? nope

Can you code? a little like html and like a bit with web designing

Name a situation in your life in which you displayed the ability to take charge? um with fighting for something that you know that your right but just letting go cos then the problem will end also i was once bullied and i stood up one day and he never bullied me again

There are 20 active players on the AusNetMC server and there is a specific individual talking about commiting suicide in chat, how do you respond? (GLOBAL AND PRIVATE CHAT) well i would first pm him/her and say does he/she need someone to talk to i would do my for first option then the helplines then i would try to have them think about other stuff and try to avoid the pattern of negativity i would also ask for a staff's opinion


There are a group of three students in a classroom whom are completing a project together however one of those students is not pulling their weight due to a ‘personal dilemma’, and the 2 other students are antagonising that student. How do you go about the situation? i would ask for both points of view because one could be lieing then i would sus the incident and go from there plus ask for a higher ups opinion cos i dont want to get the wrong idea

Describe a time when you came into conflict with an authority figure and how you dealt with it? well my dad is a Pot user and is a alcoholic and as a kid he didnt think i was a man and you know what i only know me so i went a head and ignored him and it turned out good

You are a police officer, would you give your mother a speeding ticket? yes the law is the law but if shes was listening and being good i would reduce the problem but if it was the opposite i would look for every problem possible to get them with and this goes to non family too

Do you have goals? make Ausnet Great Again!

What do you want to be when you’re older? a game Developer or a Graphic Designer

Have you ever stolen? nope cos im a good boy

You find out your son/daughter has been sexually harassing another individual of their age, what do you do? first whip them in too shape get them in good old trouble make see the harsh reality of life

What If you had given a person just before a ticket for speeding, how do you go about the justification? well i would have evidence to it photo's video's or a eye witness

Do you have any concerns or challenges that might make it difficult for you to complete your positions expectations (health, learning disability, circumstances etc. )? well i ADHD (Attention. Deficient. Hyperactive. Disorder) and ODD (Opposition. Defiant. Disorder)

Discuss a time you had a serious disagreement. about star wars of were its going but i ended up giving up with the debate because it wasn't a serious matter

if you had a boat, what would you name it?+ MCBoatyFace

Have you ever lied to cover up your own mistake you have made? yes being British cos a lot think my accent is British but im Aussie

You are the executive director of a law firm. You find out that your articulating student has accidentally destroyed an important piece of evidence that would have cleared a wrongfully accused person. If you reveal this to the authorities, your student will not only lose her job, but will face jail time for destroying court evidence. What do you do in this situation? What do you do in this situation? i would tell the higher ups but i would say they didn't mean to if they didn't really so yeah

What if you had information that the accused person is indeed guilty of other unrelated but more serious crimes for which you do not have any evidence that would hold up in court? well dont bother with it cos it will come back later in life

Do you have any questions?
Additional comments - what are the stats of staff members you got and origins (timezone and what commands each staff rank has got

Minimum of 1 days playtime (24 hours), check via. /playtime in-game; my play time is 4 days and 19 hour and counting

Display maturity and constantly help players; well maturity at the high at times i always love helping as the best of my ability's

Over the age of 12 years old (exceptions made); im 16 almost 17 in july 15th

Have a Discord account, with a functional microphone. BillNyeTheAussiePie
#3551 yes got press to talk

Answer all questions truthfully u bet i did

Don't ask staff to review your application in-game i wont unless its my friend which i have no staff friends -_-

If you fail to reach a requirement, you will be ignored.
Ability to type fluent English hell to the yeah

Make your staff application detailed, answer every question uniquely;
Add colors and pictures to your application to make it stand out.

IGN: Noobly01