Age:20 turning 21 in November


Have you ever helped someone on AusNetMC? Yes I have some new people by giving them items and one time I found them a village for them to live in.

You aren’t on your computer when you’re a Helper but you see in the server chat that there is a player griefing online, what do you do? I would warn them in chat that if they don't stop, the next step is a temp ban.

Describe your Minecraft journey so far. How did it start? What are the major milestones or turning points? How would you describe yourself at the moment? I started playing minecraft in about 2014. I would watch people play it before I was able to play it myself so I know the majority of the recipes for most of the items in game. I am not much of a pvp person, I prefer to build.

Why are you applying for Staff? What do you hope to achieve? What do you hope to experience? I enjoy helping people and I like the community on the server.

You are in a private call with an Admin, and that Admin starts drinking and becomes quite verbally toxic towards you, you overhear the Admin on the phone to a Owner and hears him accept an assignment to do on the server but you have observed that the Admin is intoxicated, what do you do? I would inform the owner of the situation and what I had heard.

Have you ever been banned on a Minecraft server? No I have not. Well sandwich_king1 and hupsine123 accidentally banned me when doing /ban list, as my username has "list" in it.

Can you code? No, but I would be interested in learning.

Name a situation in your life in which you displayed the ability to take charge? I was in a very toxic relationship in which the person would basically push me to self harm and would talk about how I should just kill myself, after a while I realized that I need to get away from that person so I got up the courage and left the person.

There are 20 active players on the AusNetMC server and there is a specific individual talking about commiting suicide in chat, how do you respond? (GLOBAL AND PRIVATE CHAT) I would politely ask the person to stop saying those kinds of things in global chat. In private chat, I would talk to them about ways to help with those feelings and let them know that if they need anyone to talk to that I will be there for them as much as I can.


You are a police officer, would you give your mother a speeding ticket? Yes I would, if she was speeding then she deserves the ticket. No one is above the rules.

What do you want to be when you’re older? I want to be a social worker but I have not decided what field I'd want to go into.

Have you ever stolen? No, I haven't.

If you had a boat, what would you name it? Reverse Bathtub